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Healing is the Will of God - Part 4 of 7

"Healing is the Will of God" by Dr. John David Kirby

Stop saying that you are sick and start saying you are healed!  Stop saying what the devil says, say what God says!  Do not take anyone’s word for it, but God’s Word for it!  Only say what God says! Period!
 Sometimes people need to have their faith encouraged.  I pray that these testimonies will encourage your faith for your-or your loved ones-miracle healing today!
 I ministered to a woman who was in excruciating pain and had a brace on her leg. She was in so much pain she was grimacing as she stood in the prayer line. After prayer she was sitting in her chair and we began to encourage her faith. She took off the brace and stood up! Her eyes got as big as saucers and she began to weep! She was completely amazed! She could not get up on her own before prayer. She could now! She was in terrible pain before. Now she had no pain! It was such a wonderful sight to see her walk to the altar of the church on her own and kneel down and worship the Lord! She knelt down and got up on her own without the brace and without the pain! She walked out with the glow of God on her face and her brace in her hand! Hallelujah!
 I have been very blessed to see the Lord do many great signs and wonders through my life and ministry.  I remember an amazing miracle concerning the spoken Word of God!  You can be healed while reading or hearing the Word of God!
 A few years ago my wife Sarah and I were ministering in a jail to female inmates here in South Florida. I had preached the Word to the ladies and asked if there were any who would like to have prayer for healing. There was a woman who said she did, and I told her to come forward. There were a few others that came forward, also. I told them that I didn’t want them to take my word on healing, but to take God’s Word on healing. I began to read healing verses to them out of the Bible. As I was about to finish the last healing scripture, the woman who was the first to respond fell down on the floor! She just crashed on the floor right in front of me! Then she got up on her knees and began to feel her chest and told us that the cysts that were in her breast were melted away! Hallelujah! We danced all over that little cell!! She told us that the doctors were going to operate on her. Jesus the Great Physician operated on her right there in the cell! If He can heal her there, He will heal you right where you are now! The power of God in the Word of God melted the cysts and bowled her over! What a moment! What a miracle! There is power in the Word of God! 
 I was ministering in a meeting and called the people to the front that wanted to be healed. As the people were standing in the line, I looked at a woman and said-by the Holy Spirit-to her that she would never have back problems again! I laid my hand on her, and she backed up all the way to the wall and slid down the wall and sat there weeping. I went back to the prayer line and continued to pray for others to be healed. When I called for testimonies, she came forward and told of all the years she had suffered with a curved spine and terrible pain. She said for the first time she could see over her husband’s shoulder! She sent me the x-ray and her spine had actually straightened considerably, causing her to grow taller! To God be the glory!
 Many times God will couple the gifts of the Holy Spirit together in performing a miracle or healing!  I was in a meeting and during the worship time the Lord asked me if I saw the man behind me. I looked around, and I saw a man with a cane. The Lord told me that if I told him to drop the cane and walk to the front of the church He would heal him. The Lord then asked me if I saw the woman on my right. I looked and saw a woman with a Velcro-strapped cast on her foot. The Lord told me that if I told her to take the cast off her foot and walk to the front that He would heal her. After the Pastor introduced me, I told the man what the Lord said. He dropped the cane, walked to the front and was totally healed! From legally disabled to divinely able! That’s our God! I then told the woman what the Lord had said. All you could hear was the sound of her ripping the Velcro off and taking the cast off! She walked to the front totally healed! Just like the Lord had said! They both acted in faith on the Word of the Lord!
 I was ministering in a church and gave the invitation to those who wanted to receive healing to come down and form a prayer line. As the people were coming, I saw a woman being wheeled down to the front. I told the person wheeling her to bring her to the front of the platform, right in front of the pulpit. I said to the woman in the chair that I perceived she had the faith to be healed! I commanded her to be healed in the Name of Jesus, and I came down from the platform and picked her up out of the chair. We walked back and forth across the front of the church, she was totally and completely healed! She had been in that chair for over six months! In an instant she was healed! Jesus is still healing the sick today!
 I was praying for the sick in a church meeting, and a woman came for prayer. Some of the bones in her hand were separating from each other. After prayer she was completely healed! The bones had perfectly re-attached and she was moving her hand and wrist perfectly well!
 We were holding a healing service in a local church and the Lord had really blessed in the service. A number of people stood and testified of how the Lord had healed them in the service. The Pastor of the church was making a few closing remarks when all of a sudden a woman began calling out, “Pastor, Pastor, a miracle has happened; a great miracle has happened!” The pastor asked the woman who had received the miracle to come up on the platform and testify. She was an older woman from India. She didn’t speak English very well. The Pastor interpreted the woman’s testimony. She was crippled in her hands, and the thumb and fore-fingers on each hand were “frozen” in the extended position. After prayer both of her hands were loosed completely, and she had perfect mobility in both hands! Hallelujah!!!
 In another meeting there was a man who came up to testify on the microphone. He had a detached retina in his eye. He was afraid that he was going to lose his eye. He had been in contact with eye surgeons to try to re- attach the retina. He said on the microphone that the Lord had healed his eye, and that he had no “floaters,” or any other signs or symptoms of any eye malfunction! He said he could see perfectly. To God be all the glory!

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