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Pastor John David and Sarah Kirby

           Dr. John David And Sarah Kirby ~ Apostles And Prophets To The Nations! (Jeremiah 1:5)       

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Miracles & Testimonies

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."  John 14:12-13


A Dead Woman Raised to Life!

On our first missionary trip to the island nation of Haiti, my wife Sarah and I were staying in a guest house in Port-au-Prince.  During the first night there, I heard a woman cry out for help.  I immediately went running in the direction of the voice.  

Upon arriving at the scene, I came upon a group of people standing around a woman lying on the floor.  She was a member of a medical missionary team from America.  The other team members had applied CPR; she had no pulse and there were no other vital signs -- they pronounced her dead.  I immediately dropped to my knees, layed hands on her lifeless body and commanded LIFE to come back into her in Jesus' Name!

As I said, " life come back into this child"  there was a gurgling sound ( as her spirit came back across her vocal cords) and she sat up instantly as if nothing had happened and wanted to know what she was doing on the floor and what was going on.  To God be all the Glory!  There is resurrection power in the Name of Jesus!   ~  Dr. John David Kirby

Awesome Testimony!  (2-11-12)

John David Kirby, it is 4 years next month that the Lord gave me a brand new knee. This was NOT by having a surgical knee replacement. It was a 'heavenly' replacement when you and Sarah came to minister at Prophetic Worship Center, Naples, Fl. Shane and I are at a condo in Kimberling City, Mo. and there are 32 steps from driveway to our front door. Nothing is impossible with OUR GREAT GOD and HE is no respecter of persons.  Chrissy M.

The Power of the Prophetic Word!  (8-26-11)

We are excited about all God is doing in you and Sarah's lives. I will tell you that when you were here last June you gave my daughter a word about 7 people that would speak against her falsely. you went on to name 7 different reasons of jealously.(you even named each of the 7 jealous of looks, favor, family, blessings, etc)..she didn't really understand it then but one year later (this June) that prophecy came to pass. It was amazing as she was so upset over some false accusations that had been made against her by none other than church folk. While driving to work one day, God reminded her of the word you gave her. She called me and we went back to the tape and listened to it with Holy Ghost goosebumps all over us.....It was incredibly accurate and gave her strength to rise above the warfare...God gave understanding and I just wanted to return to you and thank you for your obedience that night...It helped her get through a hard time and helped me as a mom to release those who attacked her.

Hope to see you and Sarah soon. God bless you in your ministry.

Karen - Ohio

Healing in the Caribbean!  (8-21-11)

Here are a couple of amazing testimonies from our recent Caribbean ministry tour!
One woman who had numbness in her feet for a long time was instantly healed when she forgave others, and received her healing!
Another lady was in terrible pain for over a month and a half.  It was so bad that she could not do anything, and no one could touch her.  She came to church one night and she too was instantly healed!  She said that when she forgave some people that had stolen from her son, she felt the fire of God come upon her.  She said that then she felt a cool sensation, and tears began to flow out of her eyes!  She was instantly healed, and pain free!  She had complete freedom and mobility in her body!  To God be the glory!


The Touch of God!  (8-15-11)

Dr. Kirby, When Jesus breathed on me tonight it was as if heaven opened up and swallowed me for the impartation that followed. When I went to the altar after you prayed I was out in the Spirit. I could not lift my head off the stage. God spoke mightily tonight. It was confirmation of all He has been teaching me. Thank you. I am grateful for you. 
Andrea Willard

Powerful Testimony!   (5-19-11)

Hi Pastor Kirby,
I just want to let you know who I am. I used to live in New Jersey and I came to Barry Ross's church several times to hear you. You had prophesied over me that you saw me going on short term missions trip without knowing I was waiting to hear from my church whether they were going to send me to NM. Two days later I was informed I was approved. It was a blessing. Now I am in Montana, getting ready to establish a Biblically and culturally based residential suicide prevention/intervention ministry geared towards Native teens and young adults. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and speaking God designed destinies into the lives of people.
In His service, Robin LaBelle

Hi Pastor Kirby,
Yes, you have my permission. There were many things that you have prophesied over me that have come to pass, are in process, and some that are yet to come. I thank the Lord for His prophets..the man of God who hears the Word of the Lord and is obedient. The Lord had given me the vision for the ministry 13 years ago, after my younger son died, but He has used His prophets to bring my life into alignment with His purpose and plan for my life and He has used you in that process. Thank you again and have a blessed day. I would like to keep up with your ministry...perhaps one day you would be able to come and speak into the lives of these young people, once it is established in the natural.
Sincerely, Robin LaBelle

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