Pastor References

He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward.” – Matthew 10:41a

This letter serves as a recommendation for Dr. John David Kirby of John David Kirby Ministries Inc.

During the time that I have known John Kirby he has been a valuable asset to the body of Christ.  He, along with his wife, Sarah, are marked by a spirit of excellence, integrity, and commitment that exceeds most.  He has an unshakable desire to glorify Jesus and see God’s people set free.

His prophetic giftings demonstrated in our church were packed with exhortation and given with great accuracy.  Healings, deliverance were actively flowing as he ministered in our meetings.  His ministry of the Word is full of God’s nature and presence. 

As a pastor of a congregation with different levels of spiritual maturity, I can state that John Kirby’s ministry is well received and easily understood by both bible students and new converts alike.   Our congregation looks forward to his return.

I highly recommend him as a guest minister.   If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at (740) 286-3924. ~ Dr. Brian R. Adams, Senior Pastor,  The Rock Family Worship Center, Jackson, OH

Greetings in Jesus’ name.  In 1998, I had John and Sarah Kirby at our church to minister. 

I had never met them or heard of them before that evening.  They came on the recommendation of some long time ministry friends.

I was greatly blessed by their powerful ministry in the word and moving in the gifts – particularly the gift of the Word of Knowledge combined with Healing. John moved powerfully while giving all the glory to his Lord Jesus. Although he travels often as an Evangelist, he moves with a Pastor’s heart.  He was very gentle and loving with our people. That night there were many testimonies of instant healings, including my daughter who had fractured her leg and was in an air cast.  She was instantly healed, never wore the cast again and is without any pain or discomfort!  John puts no financial pressure and comes on a love offering basis.

John and Sarah are humble servants of God, and I would highly recommend his ministry to your church.  Your people will be greatly blessed!  He has ministered many times at our church since then.  Make sure you bring out the sick – they will leave touched!  ~  Sincerely, Pastor Andrew P. Surace, Christ Fellowship, Seaville, NJ
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through our church website

We have had brother John David and Sarah Kirby at our church numerous times and every time it has been a great blessing.  They bring us into the presence of the Lord with their music as they join up with our worship team, and the intensity builds from there.

There have even been occasions where we get to praising and worshipping so intensely that it seems to move into the realm of spiritual warfare of sorts.  People boldly and unashamedly bless God and submit to Him, then strongly and aggressively resist the works of the devil and declare their freedom in Christ.

His preaching is bold and aggressive as well and certainly biblically based also.  Preaching, teaching and healing all manner of sickness and disease sums up his ministry.  We’ve had testimonies about healings about everything from migraine headaches to a nurse who was suffering severely from Lymes disease and in a wheelchair, who got up and walked out of the meeting, to God be the glory!  There have also been accurate prophetic words given over people as well.

Any church desiring to be encouraged in the faith and the move of the Holy Ghost would do well to invite this couple to come share! ~ Pastor Barry Ross, Word of Life Christian Fellowship, Galloway Township, NJ

Dear Friends of the Ministry, 

I have known John and Sarah Kirby for quite a number of years and have found them to be great ministers of the Lord. As an Apostle to the Islands, I have had John and Sarah to come and minister to our Churches on many occasions

I recommend their teaching and healing highly to the body of Christ. John and Sarah are also members of the One Heart World Fellowship of which I am the co- founder.  ~  In his love, Apostle R. Romney,  Christian Assembly Ministries