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December 26th, 2013

Prophetic Word For 2014

Dr. John David Kirby

The year 2014 will be known as “The Year of Recovery”.  This year My people will be likened to David and his men who bravely pursued, overtook, and recovered all that was taken from them, says the Lord.  This story of David as found in 1 Samuel 30:1-20, is a prophetic parallel for My people in 2014 and beyond. (read and study this story)  

This is the year to go after everything that I have placed in your heart.  It is time for My Glory to be seen in the earth.  It is time for fulfilling and completing the desires and dreams that I have placed in your heart, says the Lord.  One of the major keys to David’s success in recovering all that the enemy had stolen from him was that he sought Me first.  This is a crucial and key element for your success in the new year and in the years to come.  I told you in Matthew 6:33 to seek first My Kingdom and My Righteousness, and all these things that you need will be provided for you.  As you seek Me, you will find Me, saith the Lord.

You will experience a very special “closeness” with Me this year says the Lord.  I am coming “close” to My people says the Lord.  I am coming “close” to My worshippers, and “close” to my warriors, saith the Lord.

2014 will be a tremendous year of Harvest, saith the Lord.  You will see Me thrust in My sickle and reap in ways that you have never seen before. (Read and study Revelation 14: 14-16)  I am personally going to visit the Nations of the world by My Spirit, and prepare them for the great harvest.  You will be My harvesters saith the Lord.  I say to you that the fields are ripe and the harvest is ready to be reaped.  (see John 4:35) Do not be afraid to share My Gospel, do not be afraid to share My Name.  I say to you that many shall hear and respond to My calling through you this year, saith the Lord. 

It is time to prepare banquets and feasts of My Word and Spirit saith the Lord.  And as I instructed you in Luke 14:13 - 14, and 21, to invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind, to these events you will be blessed and rewarded.  You will see My hand of favor upon your events as you do this, this year, saith the Lord.  (Read and study Luke chapter 14)

Luke chapter 15 is another very prophetic and strategic chapter for 2014 and beyond.  As I revealed in Luke 15, the recovery of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son, I will cause this to manifest in your life saith the Lord.  The sheep speak of people that will come to Me and will be saved this year, the coin speaks of the recovery of finances and wealth that has been lost, and the son speaks of many of My people who have walked away from Me, who will return to Me this year saith the Lord.  

2014 will be a very powerful year of miracles, healing, salvation and deliverance, saith the Lord.  
John chapter 14 is of great prophetic importance this year.  It is time to proclaim Jesus Christ as “The Way, The Truth, and The Life, like never before (verse 6) , It is time to walk in and manifest the “greater things” like never before (verse 12) , and it is time to ask for “anything” in My name and I will do it (verse 14) saith the Lord.  (read and study John chapter 14)

As I taught you in Mark 16:18, they (you) shall lay hands on the sick and they (the sick) shall “recover” .
I say to you that as you lay hands on the sick this year and in the years to come they shall recover.  No matter what the sickness, no matter what the disease, no matter what the problem, no matter what the prognosis, you will see the sick recover saith the Lord.  Only believe, and you will see the salvation of your God.  This is the year of recovery!  

This is the year to rise up in the power of My Spirit and pursue that for which I have pursued you.  It is time to run for your dream like never before.  Now is the time to see your dream come true.  I am with you and I am in you saith the Lord.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will never leave you nor fail you.  I am with you to guarantee your success for the sake of My Kingdom and the sake of My Name, saith the Lord.

I am causing a new awakening of my commissioning in you as found in Isaiah 61. (read and study this chapter)  You will walk in this and manifest this like never before in 2014 and beyond.  I am taking My people into a realm of revelation and demonstration that they have never seen or experienced before saith the Lord.  You will “see” it, and you will “live” it saith the Lord.  Prepare your hearts, prepare your lives, get ready to go, get everything in line and in order.  Now is the time, “today” is “the day” of salvation, saith the Lord.  

As I have prophesied in Isaiah chapter 60:1, it is truly time for My people, My church, My bride to arise and shine for My light and My glory are here!  I am going to fulfill everything that I have promised in Isaiah 60 this year and in the years to come.  You will see My hand directing the Nations of the world.  I will fulfill My word and My promise saith the Lord.  Not one word of mine will fail or return to me void or empty. (See Isaiah 55:11)  

Do not be afraid of what you see in the natural realm, do not be afraid of what you see on the earth.  Know that I am at work, and I am carrying out My will and My plan for humanity.  

As you take My hand, together we will fulfill the destiny and achieve the purpose for which I have brought you into the earth, saith the Lord.  Fix your eyes on Me, do not let your faith waiver, and you will see the greatest days of your life play out right in front of you.  

This is the time to run like you have never run before.  This is the time to abandon everything, and anything that would hinder your walk with Me. This is the time to step into My will and fulfill the greatest plan of all, My perfect will for your life.  

Rise up My child, rise up My beloved, rise up My people, and “together”, we will see it come to pass.  Saith the Lord.