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December 28th, 2014

Prophetic Word For 2015                                                    

Dr. John David Kirby

The year 2015 will be known as “The Year of Fulfilled Vision”.  Many of your dreams and visions will come to pass this year.  Some of these dreams and visions you have held on to for years.  You will see them come to pass this year, says the Lord.  You will also be receiving many new dreams and visions this year.  Many of the dreams and visions that you receive in 2015 you will watch come to pass very quickly.  There will be “no delay” in many of the things that I show you this year, says the Lord. 

I am releasing a fresh and new “prophetic/seer” anointing and mantle upon My people this year, says the Lord.  Many of My people will see greater things and with much more depth and accuracy than they have ever seen before.  Many will begin to see for the first time.  Many of my prophets and people will hear in the Spirit like they have never heard before.  Many will hear My voice for the first time and be changed.

 As My prophets speak My word it will be My Voice being released on the earth.  The “breakthrough anointing” will accompany the prophetic word this year like never before. For I am the Lord of the Breakthrough, says the Lord (2 Samuel 5:20).

I say unto you that this year will be a year of a new prophetic release and anointing.  I am going to cause a “Prophetic Awakening” to occur in the earth.  Many of My people who have never embraced the prophetic movement will be awakened to it this year, says the Lord.  I am going to surprise many of My people this year.  People who have not seen into the supernatural will see, many who have not heard the sound of My Voice will hear it, they will see and they will hear and they will be changed this year, says the Lord. 

This is the year when many prophets will receive their vision for ministry.  This is the year when many prophets will receive their call to ministry.  This is the year when many prophets will be released and commissioned into the fullness of their ministry, says the Lord.

Read and study (Isaiah 6:1-19).  In this passage of scripture you find three powerful keys.  1) The Vision of Isaiah (6:1-4).  2) The Call of Isaiah (6:5-7).  3) The Commissioning of Isaiah (6:8-13).  You will see many prophets receiving either their vision, call, or commissioning in 2015, says the Lord. 

The story of Elijah and Elisha is of major prophetic significance this year, says the Lord.  Read and study the call of Elisha (1 Kings 19:15 – 21).  You will watch this played out many times before you in 2015 and beyond.  I am going to send many of My seasoned prophets to anoint kings and prophets into My service, says the Lord.  I will show them who I am sending them to, and they will go for Me.  I will call many into the prophetic ministry, and I will call many prophets into My service this year, says the Lord (Read and study Matthew 22:14).

 Just as Elisha “tasted the future” when the Mantle of Elijah touched him, many of My people will “taste” their future and their calling this year, says the Lord.  Many people will begin to embrace My process, and enter into the “becoming stage”.  

Just as Elisha received the mantle of Elijah after years of preparation, many of my prophets will receive their mantles and be commissioned this year, says the Lord. Read and study the commissioning of Elisha (2 Kings 2:1-15).  You will watch this played out before you this year and in the years to come, says the Lord.  There are very important and vital keys to fulfilling destiny revealed in these verses.  As you read and study these key passages of scripture this year, I will unlock the mysteries for you, says the Lord. 

Watch and see what I will do in 2015 regarding the financial status of My people, says the Lord.  I declare to you that the seven year famine and drought is over.  My people are going to begin to prosper like they have never prospered before, says the Lord.  Many of My people will not only walk in a greater level of prosperity, they will also begin to increase their giving in great and mighty ways this year, says the Lord. 

It is time for My people to walk in the fullness of all of My promises, says the Lord.

As I promised through My prophet Joel and activated through the early Church, My people are going to walk in the supernatural.  I am going to place a fresh emphasis on supernatural communication this year, says the Lord.  Dreams, Visions, and Prophecy will become increasingly important and even crucial for My people this year and in the years to come.  My people must hear My voice.  My people must know My ways of communication. 

I will raise up many seasoned prophets to teach, train, equip, and release young prophets and prophetic people into the earth, says the Lord. Read and study both (Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2:16-21).  These are very important and key passages of scripture for 2015 and beyond. 

It is time for a fresh prophetic resurgence and awakening!  My prophets will hear My Voice at My Mouth and proclaim it to the Nations.  My people will both see and hear supernaturally what I am saying and what I am doing, says the Lord.  I say unto you that when you see the vision, and when you hear My Voice, act on it in faith and you will watch it come to pass right before your eyes!  There will be “no delay”.  See it, say it, and do it, says the Lord. 

Now is the time!  Today is the day!  Rise up and seize the moment!  There will never be another day like this day, and there will never be another time like this time, says the Lord!