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Pastor John David and Sarah Kirby

           Dr. John David And Sarah Kirby ~ Apostles And Prophets To The Nations! (Jeremiah 1:5)       

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December 29th, 2015

Prophetic Word For 2016

Dr. John David Kirby

The year 2016 will be known as “The Year of the Kingdom”.  I will cause My people to rise up and walk in Kingdom power and authority like they have never walked in before, says the Lord. I am calling My people to demonstrate the Kingdom, activate the Kingdom, and dominate for the Kingdom in 2016.  This will be a very powerful year of demonstration, activation, and domination, says the Lord. 

2016 is the year to “see” the Kingdom, “enter” the Kingdom, and “possess” the Kingdom like never before, says the Lord. I am calling My people to “release” the Kingdom wherever they go in 2016 and beyond!  It is time for My light to shine in the darkness and show the world My light, My love, and My glory.  I will reveal Myself to the world through My people this year in miraculous and amazing ways, says the Lord. 

2016 will be an incredible year of “advancement” for the Kingdom of God. I am calling My people to rise up and take new territory, land, and regions for the Kingdom this year, says the Lord.  I say to you to get ready for things to begin to happen “very quickly”. Be prepared to step into things that you have been praying for and preparing for- for years, says the Lord.  Even as many of my great men and women stepped into their “day of destiny”, many of My people will step into their “day of destiny”, and begin to walk in the fullness of their calling and purpose in the earth this year, says the Lord.

2016 is the year of exponential increase, expansion, and “going beyond” what has been seen and known, says the Lord.  Get ready for “new things” and “radical change”!  It is time for total transformation.  There is a new “look” coming to My people. I am placing on you a “divine attraction”, says the Lord.  I am going to cause My people to be “attractive” to the world.  The people will “see” Me on My people and be magnetically attracted to them as I draw the people to Me, says the Lord.  Be prepared for “divine appointments” and “Kingdom assignments” this year, says the Lord. This “new thing” will not look like the old thing, It is time for the “fresh thing” that I am doing in the earth, says the Lord. A new “sound” will be released through My people this year, says the Lord.  My prophetic minstrels and psalmists will begin to release this new sound in the earth. I am bringing a fresh anointing on My artists this year, It is time for new sounds, and new expressions of My love and My Kingdom, says the Lord.   The new sound will not sound like the old sound. Do not be afraid of this change. Embrace it, and follow your heart, for I am in your heart, says the Lord.  It is time for the “new thing”.  Do not be afraid to step into the new thing.  I have put this desire in your heart.  You know what I am saying, it is time to release it, and walk in it, says the Lord.

 I am going to begin to release My love and power through My people in ways that they have never imagined before, says the Lord.  It is time for My people to be “released” to “release” My love and power to the nations like never before, says the Lord. 

Many of My people will return to their “roots” this year, says the Lord.  Many will return to occupations and vocations that they held before they came to know Me, says the Lord.  I am sending many of My people back to these places to reach those who are trapped in the darkness.  This will truly be a year of enlightenment for many, says the Lord. 

I am calling My people to step out of the “familiar” and launch out into the “deep” in 2016, says the Lord.  I will lead you and I will guide you.  Follow Me, says the Lord.  Be careful not to allow religion or tradition stop you from following Me this year and in the years to come. For many of the things that I will call you to do this year will be bold and radical, says the Lord.  I am calling My people to impact and influence the world.  I am calling you to shine My Light in the world of darkness and despair.  I am calling you to come out of your “comfort zones” and rise to the occasion.  This is the time for My “Warriors of Light” to shine like never before, says the Lord. 


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