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Pastor John David and Sarah Kirby

           Dr. John David And Sarah Kirby ~ Apostles And Prophets To The Nations! (Jeremiah 1:5)       

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Testimonies 2009-2010

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."  John 14:12-13


Wonderful Testimony From New Jersey!   (7-23-10)

You and Sarah are truly welcome and I would like to thank you for coming!  I was truly blessed and encouraged by your faith and the Word of God that oozes out of your being.....I feel I was changed by your bringing the presence of God to the area....I am a new revived creature in Christ...Thank you Both ~ Susan Saponaro

Awesome Debt Cancellation Miracle!   (5-11-10)

Supernatural Miracle Testimony from our “War on Debt/Night of Debt cancellation”

On Friday, February 19th, 2010, in Port Charlotte, Florida, we had a service where we went to “War on Debt and Poverty”.  Praise Tabernacle, the “host” church just had $160000.00 in DEBT CANCELED!!!!!!    To GOD be the GLORY!!!!!!!!!   ~ JDK  

Wonderful Healing Testimony!  (3-27-10)

You and Sarah had come to Prophetic Worship Center, Naples, Florida.  My left knee had been giving me a fit for some time.  I have always been very athletic, active, etc.  I would walk and all of a sudden, my knee would just give out.  When you've never experienced this, it can be quite startling to say the least.  And I never knew when it would happen. Just about any time and without warning, my leg would go limp without the support of my knee to give it traction.  You were mentioning so many things through the gift of Word of Knowledge and told us to touch the various parts of our bodies where there were challenges, weaknesses, sickness, disease, etc.  It was awesome and the anointing was powerful.  I touched my left knee and prayed as you continued to lead us in prayer as the Lord gave you the words to speak.  From that day until now, I have had absolutely no debilitation with my knee.  It is perfect and I expect it to remain so forever.  It is so wonderful to experience Jesus' resurrection healing power and I am so grateful John David for the ministry that God has called you & Sarah to and the tremendous healing results that so many are receiving as a result of your dedication and obedience to that call.  God's Blessings to You.  Chrissy Mann ~ N. Ft. Myers, Fl.

Amazing Testimony from the New Jersey Outpouring!   (3-19-10)

I had a broken finger and proof on an x-ray.  I was wearing a splint. 
I literally felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, my finger then began to tingle with fire and vibrations.  The finger was healed immediately.  Praise God for He is worthy to be
praised.  Jennifer ~ Wildwood, New Jersey

Awesome Testimony from the New Jersey Outpouring!  (3-18-10)

The Lord gave me a Word of Knowledge concerning kidney stones being healed!

Here is the story:

I had just returned from Israel, Palestine, and Syria on a great mission trip March 1, 2010. We witnessed the Lord do great things and touch many families especially children.  Soon after
I suffered from back pain to the point where I could not stand up straight in the morning.  This problem persisted and a doctor said I had kidney stones.  I would have to make an appointment to have a machine break the stones into small pieces to pass through my urinary tract. Thursday March 11, 2010 we were coming to the end of the service and John Kirby called out different areas of physical illnesses.  I put my hand on my kidneys and prayed, then I felt an explosion in my back which ended my kidney and back problem!  
Alan ~ Cape May Court House, New Jersey 

"Life Transforming Testimony"   (3-7-10)

To our delight in God,
Where do I start?  I am more than thankful to our Lord for sending you to our church and into our lives.  I will only speak for myself at this moment.  I smoked for 50 years and in one night I quit.  No patch, only God's hand on me.  My bladder, my kidney, my sinuses, sleeping disorder, bulging disc, spinal arthritis all gone. Thank you for choosing me and thank you for people like John David Kirby.  Claire ~ Port Charlotte, Fl.

Revival Update!  (2/27/10)

The Miracles are truly Amazing!  A lady had her twisted rib cage move back into normal position!  A woman felt the "fire" of God burn on her thyroid gland and shrink nodules!  A man with "4" pins in his back and a constricted shoulder was completely healed!  A woman took out her hearing aids and heard me talking perfectly with out the hearing aids!  Two different ladies who each had "floaters" in their eyes hindering their vision had them leave completely!  So many more amazing testimonies...  JDK

"Awesome Life Changing Testimony!"    (2/1/10) 

Tonight my life was changed forever....
I was filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit!   Thank you Jesus!!

Me, my son, & my brother & nephew all in one night!
I totally feel like a different person!   
Lisa ~ Port Charlotte, Fl. 

Wonderful Testimony from St. Martin, F.W.I.     (August 2009) 

Greetings in the wonderful name of our risen Savior!

Hello Dr. John and Sarah,

We just wanted to let you know how blessed we were with your powerful message entitled "Successful Ministry" on the last evening of our One Heart World Fellowship Conference in Saint Martin, in the French Caribbean. We have the message on DVD and is now part of our arsenal of powerful tools of ministry and we have watched it over and over. This Holy Spirit-inspired message is one of the most profound messages I have heard from a pulpit in my short time as a Christian (2000) .

Watching you and Sarah ministering to the people is such a joy and blessing. There were many people healed, because I was one of them. 

You also had a special prophecy for me and my wife, Jeanne, and we continue to trust in the Lord and in the knowledge God's prophecy will come to pass.

You are always in our prayers.

In HIS service,

Michael and Jeanne

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