Prophecy For 2012

Dr. John David Kirby, December 30th 2011

The Year 2012 Will Be Known As “The Year Of Divine Turn-Around”.

You are going to see many things begin to turn-around this year. This is going to be a year when “hope” will begin to rise in My people, and they will begin to go forward into My promises, says the Lord. Like a blade of grass pops up through the soil and into the light, so will my people begin to rise up in hope this year.

I am going to shine My light and My glory on My Church in ways that you have never seen. This is going to be a season of unprecedented miracles in the earth. I am going to show Myself strong on the behalf of My people, and for the sake of the lost that will come to me as a result of what they see, says the Lord. You are going to see a multiplication of miracles in 2012. This is the year when I will bring My people into an awareness of My supernatural Presence and Power like never before. This year I AM going to bring My people back to the things of the supernatural. I AM going to move in ways that will cause men to stand amazed and declare that only God could have done that. It is time for My people to begin to demonstrate My power and My glory wherever they go, says the Lord.

2012 will be a year of radical changes in government. Not only in the United States, but around the world. I AM the God that sets men in power, and I AM the God that takes men out of power, says the Lord. Watch for the shifting of leadership worldwide. Many people do not believe that I AM active in government or the affairs of men, but I AM. I AM working My plan for the nations, and I AM working My plan for mankind. Too many of My people are focused on the anti-christ, I AM calling My people to focus on My Son Jesus Christ. Watch as governments begin to shift and change. This will cause “tremors” and “earthquakes” both politically, and economically, says the Lord. Like the “plates” in the earth shift and cause “tremors” and “earthquakes”, so will the shifting be in the earth in 2012, says the Lord.

This is the year that My people begin to “take the land” that I have promised them. Just like My people under Joshua’s command had to “take the land”, so it is time for My people to “take their land”. What I have promised in My word, is for you to take.

It is time for you to activate all of My promises in your own life. It is time to walk in all of My promises and to see them manifest in your life, says the Lord.

2012 is the year to “advance, expand, and enlarge”. I am calling you to press into Me for the wisdom and understanding that you will need to possess all that I have for you this year. I will give you My strategies, and will provide for you all that you need to do all that I have called you to do. I AM the God of “more than enough”, says the Lord. As you press into Me, I am going to show you exactly what to do and when to do it and how to do it, so that you will advance, expand, and enlarge this year. It is time to “transition to a new position”, says the Lord.

This is the year when My people will begin to rise up and walk in the Kingdom Authority that I have given them. It is time for My people to rule and reign as the Kings and Priests that I have created them to be. Now is the time to see the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth. The tangible manifestation of My will and rule on the earth.

I AM calling My people back to me, I AM calling My people back to an intimate walk with Me, says the Lord. My people have become distracted by the things of the world and the ways of the world. They have gotten their eyes on what they can see naturally, and have gotten them off of what they could see supernaturally. This year there will be a shift back to seeing the supernatural. My promises are supernatural, and they will manifest in the natural for those who believe.

There is going to be a greater emphasis on activating My word, and living by faith in My word this year, says the Lord. To live by faith means to live in a constant state of expectation that I AM fulfilling My word for you daily. I AM bringing a greater emphasis to this message this year. My word works by faith. I am going to instill a greater trust in My word into My people this year. You will begin to see this teaching and this theme proclaimed all over the earth. I AM putting it into the hearts of My faithful men and women, and they will teach and preach the faithfulness of My word. You will see powerful demonstrations of the Holy Spirit in your lives and in the Church as you boldly proclaim My word. I will cause faith to rise in the hearts of My people who hear and embrace My word. You will see the supernatural power of God on display like never before, says the Lord.

2012 will be an incredible year for My people, says the Lord. Like a woman awaking from sleep, the Church will wake up, throw off the covers, and rise to the greatness that I have destined for Her to have. It is time for a powerful harvest and ingathering of souls in the earth. You will see a greater display of the prophetic and the evangelistic working together like never before, says the Lord. Like the two wings of a great eagle, one wing is the prophetic and the other is the evangelistic. You will see many souls come to My Son Jesus this year as My people walk in prophetic evangelism. As you press in to Me, I will show you things for people that will grab their attention, and then you will lead them to Me. They will be so surprised that you knew what you did about them that they will open the door of their heart to Me, and I will come in to their life, says the Lord.

As you go forth in 2012, you will see My plans unfold before you. It is time for you to walk in a sensitivity with Me like you have never had before. I desire to use you in these coming days like I have never used you before. I will lead you, but you must follow. I will direct you, but you must act. I will give you what to say, but you must say it, says the Lord.

This is the beginning of a brand new day for My people says the Lord. This is the beginning of a brand new season. It is time for you to walk forward and take all that I have promised you. Open your eyes and see the land that is laid out in front of you. Go forth and claim what is yours. I say unto you, where ever the soles of your feet shall walk, that have I given you, says the Lord. Now is the time! Go and possess the land! Says the Lord.

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