Prophecy For 2017

Dr. John David Kirby, December 24th, 2016

The Year 2017 Will Be Known As “The Year Of The Trumpet And The King”!

During the summer months of 2016 I began to hear in my spirit that 2017 would be known as “the year of the trumpet”… and as we watched Donald Trump win the presidential election of the United States, that became very evident. Then as time passed, I began to hear in my spirit that 2017 would be known as “the year of the king”. This was very interesting to me… now I understand that this is a combination of the two, Trumpet and King! God is going to awaken His people to a deeper realm of the prophetic (trumpet) and to the reality of kings and kingship this year in a mighty way. The saints of the most high will begin to live and reign as kings in the earth like they have never done before. This will be a major emphasis in 2017.

The Lord has shown me many amazing things for 2017 and beyond. We are living in an amazing season right now that began with a major shift. The shift began on the early morning hours of November the 9th, 2016. (Around 3:00 am) This is very significant because the date includes both a 9 and an 11. The 11th month and the 9th day. I believe the Trump (trumpet) presidency will be a great redemption and retribution for all the horrific things that transpired on 9/11/01. God has raised up a trumpet/king (prophetic spokesman/ruler) to restore law and order to the nations of the world.

God has shown me that the shift began when the “Trumpet” won the election. This shift is like the launching of a rocket into space. There are “3 stages” to this rocket. The first stage began the moment Donald Trump gave his victory speech in the early morning hours of November the 9th, 2016, and will continue until the 20th day of January, 2017. At the moment U.S. President Donald J. Trump places his hand on the Holy Bible to be sworn into office on the 20th day of January the first stage of the rocket will be released and we will move into the second stage.

Later on in the fall of 2017 the second stage of the rocket will be dislodged and we will move into the 3rd stage of the rocket and into “orbit”.

As a major sign of these things, God is showing us that since the election of “The Trumpet” the U.S. stock market has been “skyrocketing”. I believe that we are moving into 8 years of the greatest prosperity that we have ever seen in our life time.

Just as an earthquake triggers a tsunami, the “Trump Quake” is setting off a “Tsunami of Freedom and Change” to the nations of the world.

Look for a huge shaking and quaking in the governments of the world. This will cause a major shift and change in the leaders of countries all over the world. Many current world leaders will be replaced and conservative leaders will replace them. Watch for great political changes to begin to happen suddenly! Watch for amazing changes in the nations. This shift has already begun.

During the Christmas Season of 2016 (the time of this writing) God has highlighted to me the old Christmas Carol “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”.

As I began to ponder these words God began to quicken to me that we were to “hearken” or listen carefully to the “herald” angels. Herald is to proclaim, announce, pronounce, or to prophesy! Angels are “Messengers”, so this also applies to “Prophets” and Prophetic people.

So, it can be interpreted as, listen very carefully to the Prophets (prophetic messengers) that are proclaiming, announcing, and prophesying the “new born” king. Not just the original, incredible announcing of the 1st advent of the Messiah Jesus and His miraculous virgin birth, as the ancient carol says, but the birth of a new king (ruler/ president – Donald Trump) and the revelation/activation of the saints of the most high walking in the manifestation of kings in the earth as never before.

2017 will be an incredible year of “Kingdom Advancement”, as the saints of God rise up as kings and take more territory, authority, and positions of power in the nations for our King Jesus and His Kingdom.

2017 is the beginning of a “new thing” in the earth.

This is the season of incredible hope and excitement for 2017 and the years to come!

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