Prophecy For 2020

Dr. John David Kirby, December 31st, 2019

The Year 2020 Will Be Known As “The Year Of Escalation”.

As we enter this new decade (The Soaring 20’s) things are going to really escalate… move at such a greater speed. This year, things will move faster than we have ever seen before.  

Look for continued shaking in the nations, and continued shaking in the governments of the nations in 2020. Look for changes in world leaders. “The Trump Effect” will continue to rise in the nations. God is truly showing the difference between light and darkness in the nations. 

Look for economic shaking in Europe this year… sifting and shaking is going on. 

Political leaders and nations that side with God, and His people, and His agenda will prosper in 2020. Watch for sifting and shaking in the UN. We will see great changes in the EU because of all the BREXIT activity. Change is coming in 2020. 

Look for continued exposure of political corruption on a global scale. God is shaking “Judas’s Purse” and coins will fall on the table “heads up”… political “heads” will roll. Corrupt government embezzlement will be revealed and the betrayers will be exposed. 

Look for great demonstrations this year as the people of the nations rise up against the corruption. The people have had enough, they are demanding change, and they will see it.

I see that 2020 will also be known as “The Year Of The Seer”. I see many “seer/prophets” being born in 2020. I see something very significant happening when these babies turn 12 years old. (2032) It will be likened to when Jesus was 12 years old in the temple. Many seer/prophets will rise this year. Many seer/prophets will rise from obscurity to popularity this year. 

There will be a pronounced increase in the seer/prophetic gifting and ministry in 2020. This will not only increase in the seer/prophets, but in the corporate body of Christ as well. Seer/Prophets will release this fresh prophetic/seer anointing to the body of Christ in 2020. God wants to show us the glorious future that He has for His people and the nations of the world.

2020 will be a “culmination year” ~ bringing together in one all things “restored” since the year 2000. We will walk in the fulness of all these things. 

2020 will be a great year of “sight” for the people of God. There will be a great increase of insight, hindsight, and foresight. Things that did not make sense before will suddenly make sense. We will understand things this year that we have never understood before. This will be a great year of revelation.

Mysteries will be revealed in 2020.

I look for a great increase of blind eyes opening in 2020. Physically blind eyes as well as spiritually blind eyes will open in 2020. God is going to open our eyes to realms of truth and reality that we have never seen before. He will open the eyes of His disciples in 2020. 

John 20:20 ~ And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. (KJV)

This verse of the Bible is very significant for 2020. This verse is very prophetic for this year. Jesus is going to show us “His Works” (His hands) ~ Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. This will come from “Intimacy” (His side). As we walk closer to Jesus in 2020 we will see a great increase of the miraculous. This will produce a great joy in the body of Christ. A fresh wave of the miraculous demonstrating the wonderful love of God for humanity will be seen in 2020.

Keep an eye on Russia, N. Korea, and Iran. We will watch God’s hand stop the advances of the enemy and bring great victory to God’s people. Plans of darkness, that have been made in secret, will be exposed concerning evil alliances between these nations. Unlawful oil deals, unlawful arms deals, and plots devised against Israel and the USA, will be exposed. 

Watch as God’s people in Russia, N. Korea, and Iran multiply and come alive in propagating the Gospel in their countries this year. Even in the midst of great persecution, the church in these nations will rise, multiply, and thrive. This will make international news in 2020. 

Watch as the church in Africa rises to great prominence this year. Watch as the church in China continues to explode in growth. 

The prayers of the South Korean people are being answered and we will see changes in North Korea. We will see the Hand of God moving in these nations. 

Watch as God sweeps through the nations of Europe with a fresh wave of the miraculous, and revival springs forth. Watch as many ethnic groups catch the fire of the Holy Spirit, and begin to blaze for the cause of Christ in their nations across Europe. People and nations that have professed themselves atheists will profess themselves Christians, as they personally encounter the Living Christ in 2020. 

God has not forsaken the people of Venezuela… we will see God’s intervention. Cuba, and other nations that have been politically aligned against God’s word and His people will see a shifting. God has not forgotten His people, in these nations, that have been faithfully crying out to Him. Even under oppressive and evil leaders, God has heard and is answering the prayers of His people. 

Radical terrorist organizations will continue to weaken as their heads are taken out. These radical terrorist organizations will become more and more fractured and divided until they dissipate. 

The battle between light and darkness will continue to rage in the United States in 2020. This battle will intensify dramatically in this Presidential Election Year. The darkness will fight harder than ever before. This will be a year of “full disclosure”… the darkness will be truly revealed. Hidden agendas will no longer be hidden in the political closet. “The cards” will be all out on the table in full view for all to see. The darkness will fight hard but the light will continue to prevail. Look for the victory for God’s people and God’s plans in 2020. The battle will be vicious and divisive, but righteousness will prevail. 

These are the days when God is aligning nations. He is giving world leaders a chance to come into agreement with His plans and purposes. If the leaders implement God’s plans and agenda they will stay in power, and have God’s favor. If the leaders do not comply to His ways, there will be a change. These world leaders will have to make a decision this year… which way that they are going to go. This year they will come face to face with this decision… to side with God Almighty, or against Him. This decision must and will be made. God will protect and provide for His people, but the countries that rebel against Him will suffer.

We are heading into a year and into a decade like we have never seen before. We need to walk close to the Lord and be quick to obey His voice… as we do this we will walk in His favor and blessing. 2020 will be an amazing year for the people of God. Look for the harvest of the things that you have planted to come in for you. Look for the supernatural hand of God in your life. Watch as new doors of opportunity swing wide open for you this year. Watch as things you have dreamed of and spoken of for years come to pass. God has heard the cry of your heart. God knows the desire of your heart. We will walk in the “fulness of time”… for many of our prophetic promises will come to completion and to fruition in 2020. 

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be dismayed. This is truly the time to look up and see the salvation of the Lord. There are amazing days ahead. Keep your eyes on the Lord and His word. You are in for the time of your life. 2020 will be a year like we have never see before!  Get Ready!

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