Miracles & Testimonies – 2003 & Prior

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  John 14:12-13


Joe Acosta – My Healing Testimony

I would like to share with you how God used Pastor John Kirby’s obedience to heal me.  In January of 1999 I lapsed into a coma that lasted for 3 months and 4 days.  I spent a total of 5 months in the hospital.  When I finally was discharged home in June, the doctors told me I would never be able to walk on my own strength again due to the trauma my brain had suffered.  They certified me as permanently disabled because I would never be able to work again.

On Oct 17, 1999 I visited Covenant Life Christian Fellowship in Seaville, NJ.  This was my first visit to this church.  During praise and worship, I noticed a long-haired man sitting two rows in front of me staring at me on numerous occasions.  I didn’t know this gentleman or any other person there except for the one who brought me there.  After praise and worship, the Pastor of the congregation, Pastor Andrew Surace, began to speak.  He mentioned that on that Sunday evening there would be a special healing service.  He spoke of the person who was going to be ministering at this healing service.  He asked the evangelist to come up and greet the fellowship.

This man was Pastor John Kirby, the long- haired man I spoke of earlier.  He stepped up to the pulpit and began to greet the membership.  Almost immediately he looked my way and stated that as we were worshipping the Holy Spirit spoke to him saying: “Look behind you, I’m going to heal that man with the cane today!”  He stated that if I would take the step of faith and come forth at that moment God was going to heal me completely.

I stood up with some difficulty with the help of the cane.  As I attempted to walk towards the pulpit Pastor John stated God had laid a condition on my healing: I needed to leave my cane behind and trust God in order to receive my healing.  I paused for a moment since I knew I did not have the strength or equilibrium in my body to physically do this on my own.  I decided to trust God and put down my cane.  I felt unstable for a second and thought I was going to fall.  I still took that first step.  When I did, it felt like someone began to support me as I walked.  It only lasted but for a second, for almost at that instant I began to walk as if I had never used a cane before in my life.  Since then I have been a witness to God’s total healing and restoration power.

I am currently employed as a supervisor for the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.  I have a Christian internet ministry.  I also am the executive producer and host of a radio gospel music program called “In His Presence”.  I thank God for His faithfulness and for Pastor John’s obedience to the calling that God placed on his life.  I thank God for Pastor John’s ministry. The man the doctors decided to write off — me — God decided not to forget! ~ In His Service, Joe Acosta

Dear Pastor Kirby, 

I would like to give you a short testimony of Gods’ Greatness!  For over a year now, I have had pain in both my knees.  I had surgery on the left knee cap for torn ligaments and then found out I had arthritis in my knees.  The arthritis had been destroying my knees.  The pain started to get more severe in the right leg because of the pressure I had put on it to relieve the other leg.  So then I had continual pain in both my legs.

I have to say about three days before you had came to our church, I started praying more for my healing.  I asked God to heal my legs, restore my knee caps, and take away the pain.  I needed to have my legs healed so that I can start walking to lose weight.  Then when you started speaking, I started receiving what you said – “Tonight, you can be healed.”

When you called out leg problems and arthritis, I said “THAT’S ME!”  I knew in my heart that it was going to be me and when you laid your hands upon me, I felt the peace of God come over me.  I instantly had no pain.  I can remember that right away in my spirit that I had to tell someone my testimony.  Thank you for being at the right place, at the right time!
~ Your Sister In Christ, Lois Kohanski

“In Christ and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” Ephesians 3:12

I’d like to share my testimony of what the LORD has done for me.  On April 9, 2002, I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with fibroid tumors. He then ordered tests to find out how big and how many there were.  He was planning to surgically remove them.

On April 29, 2002, I went to a church service where John David Kirby was ministering that night.  I had never seen him before, and he did not know me.  I went up for prayer in the prayer line.  He didn’t know why I came up for prayer.  As he prayed for me, the LORD gave him words:  “tumors will be gone, and when you go back for tests, you will see that they will be gone!”  On May 9, 2002, I went to the doctors for an ultrasound.  I told the technician that they weren’t going to find any tumors, because GOD had healed me!  When the report came back the technician said, “you are right, there are no tumors!”  Just as the LORD had spoken through Pastor Kirby.  “Praise God, I am healed!”  It’s been almost two years now, and recent tests continue to show a good report!  There are NO tumors!  ~ Deborah H., Egg Harbor Township, NJ

My testimony – I had a wonderful experience of healing.  I attended a prayer meeting of Dr. John Kirby in Galloway Township.  I had a pain in my back from 8 years, and I also had a face surgery and my lip was numb from 2 years.  After Pastor Kirby prayed for me, LORD JESUS had healed me completely!  ~ A Brother from New Jersey

Mike Howard’s (written by his wife, Cindy):

Mike, age 48, was diagnosed with stage III B non-small cell lung cancer in the beginning of May, 2000.  In simple terms, only stage IV is more advanced.  His first oncology doctor told him to “Enjoy the time you have left”.  Mike was considered inoperable, and the best chemo treatment only offered a 40% chance of any response at all.  Cure was NOT an option, according to them.

I am an oncology nurse and worked at the hospital where Mike received that “sentence”.  I had never seen anyone survive when diagnosed at his advanced stage.  We are Christians and told the doctors that we knew that they could not save him, but that God would.

Immediately we began to contact everyone we knew to begin praying for Mike’s survival.  A very close family friend and immense prayer warrior and minister of music, Katie, told us that we needed to call a pastor by the name of John Kirby.  As the Lord planned it, Pastor Kirby and his wife just so happen to Live on Pine Island in SW Florida, where we had just built a winter home!  Katie called Pastor Kirby and told him the situation.  He prayed with Mike over the phone immediately.  Mike felt a wonderful peace after their phone prayer session.  The next week we flew to Florida and went to Pastor Kirby’s church.

The service was like no other we had ever been to.  Pastor Kirby preached, taught and prayed with such conviction and revelation that it was obvious that the Lord Himself was speaking through him.

The presence of God was so strong in that room!  Mike said “My faith and belief that I would receive total healing was so strengthened and reinforced by Pastor Kirby that I never had a second of doubt since that day that I would be totally cancer free.”

Today, it has been over 3 1/2 years since the 9cm (that’s 4 inches across) lung tumor was discovered.  Mike DID receive total healing and we have no doubt that he will continue to enjoy perfect health into old age.  We thank the Good Lord and Praise His Name for sending Pastor Kirby into our lives.  God uses him in a way so powerful that words can not do justice in trying to explain it.  Pastor Kirby teaches straight from the Bible, using God’s pure words.  What a Blessing he has been to us, and no doubt to countless others! ~ Mike & Cindy Howard, New Hampshire

On Christmas Eve day 2003, my son became ill with a high fever and several bouts of vomiting.  I laid hands on him and prayed and then felt I needed to call John Kirby on the phone (long distance) and asked him to agree in prayer with me for Jason’s healing.  He prayed, we agreed and believed, and my son received!  Within two hours, his fever was gone, his vomiting was over and he was completely fine and able to enjoy both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  A slight cold tried to surface the next day but he quickly and completely recovered and has been able to enjoy his entire Christmas holiday with no illness! 

Not only was my son healed but I have received numerous blessings from the very first day I came into contact with the Kirby’s and began working on their website.  I am extremely glad to know them, and to hear about and help testify via the website, of God’s awesome power and outpouring into their lives and the lives they touch.  My own has been touched mightily as a result of our relationship and I can only say “Thank you, JESUS!”  ~ JB Heston, Tampa, FL, Webmaster for JDK Ministries

Once when you prayed for me, God gave you a prophetic word.  You told me God was going to heal me from all my emotional hurts – He has.  You told me that God would give me back all the devil had taken from me and that God would give me a new home with more abundance.  He did!  I have a brand new home built from the ground up.  You said that people who were hurting me would never hurt me again – they don’t – and that God would bless my job and, again, He has done that.  You and Sister Kirby have been a real encouragement to me!  ~ Middy B., Ft. Myers, FL

There are multiple testimonies of fulfilled, true words the Lord spoke thru you over me.  One is the heaviness that you saw was sucking the life out of me was broken; another was the vision you had of my grandmother, my mother’s mother, in dire circumstances, which resulted in tremendous worry and fear as a generational curse.  You broke that and I have since been released from that.  ~ Carole S. Naples, FL

Hello John and Sarah! I think about you both often and am daily comforted by the blessings that I received from being brought into your path.  I really can’t even tell you how much you both have blessed my life and how the words and teaching and fellowship that I received have forever and very positively changed and strengthened my walk with the Lord.  You will be in my prayers!  God Bless! ~ Kara from Brandon, FL

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