Miracles and Testimonies – 2004-2007

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  John 14:12-13 


Testimonies from the New Jersey Ministry Trip, August 2004

In our first meeting the Lord moved in a powerful way!  After I ministered the Word of God, I gave an altar call for those who needed healing.  Many people came to the altar believing to receive from the Lord.  I ministered to each person in the prayer line.  God ministered to many of the people in the line prophetically.  It was powerful to see the Lord setting His people free.  It is always incredible when the Lord reveals something about a person and you watch as tears begin to stream down their cheeks.  You know that only the Lord can do that!  There was one man who received a powerful prophetic word from the Lord who was testifying to others that what was said was completely accurate!  To God be all the glory!  It was an incredible service!  It is always wonderful to see the people of God set free from the hand of the enemy!

In our next meeting we were totally blown away by the turn out for the service!  People came from all over to the meeting!  The Lord moved in mighty ways!  Sarah and I led the worship, and as soon as we began the Lord revealed to me that He was healing diabetes.  I told the people what the Lord told me and called the people that had diabetes to come to the front for ministry.  Many people came to the front and lined across the altar receiving their healing from the Lord — it was powerful!  Then the Lord revealed to me that He was healing eye diseases.  I told the people what the Lord told me and called the people who had any eye condition to come to the front for ministry.  Many people came to the front and lined across the altar receiving their healing from the Lord!  It was a powerful move of the Spirit!

I ministered from the Word of God and then had the people “pair up” and ask God for a word for their friend.  It was a powerful sight as the people sought God for a word for their friend!  I asked later how many people had received a good word from the Lord.  The people’s hands were in the air.  I then asked how many had given a good word from the Lord and again, the people’s hands were in the air!  It was awesome!  The Lord revealed to me that he was healing cancer.  I told the people what the Lord told me and called the people with cancer, or a relative of theirs with cancer, or a friend with cancer to come to the front.  Many came to the front and lined up across the altar receiving their healing, or their friend’s, or their loved one’s healing!  It was a powerful move of God!

I then felt led to lay hands on anyone who wanted hands laid on them for healing, or impartation, or a miracle.  I called for anyone who wanted hands laid on them for anything to come down to the front for ministry.  The people came to the front and lined up across the altar!  It was incredibly powerful!  The people broke forth into victorious praise!  There was shouting!  There was dancing!  People were waving flags and banners!  It was an incredible time as the people of God rejoiced in the Lord their Victor!  It was indeed a powerful night in the Lord!  Many came to the microphone and testified openly to the healing, or miracle, or blessing that they had received from the Lord!  It was wonderful!  We left that service rejoicing in all that the Lord did in our midst!  To God be all the glory!

On our flight home the Lord had a young woman strategically placed next to me on the plane. For the entire flight I ministered the Word of the Lord to her.  She gave her heart to the Lord and was gloriously born again! Hallelujah!  It is the ultimate miracle when a soul gets saved!  We are rejoicing in all the marvelous things that the Lord did on this ministry trip!  This young lady getting saved was indeed the “icing on the cake!”  Hallelujah to the Lamb of God

Testimonies from the Ohio Ministry Trip, July 2004

On our way up to Ohio we stopped for breakfast in Georgia.  The Lord gave me a prophetic word for our waitress.  The Lord showed me that she was called to have a “prayer ministry.”  I shared the word with her and she was blessed!  Then we headed on our way.

We stopped for fuel in Tennessee.  As I was filling the truck with fuel, I noticed a man who worked at the filling station.  He was cleaning the pumps and the advertisements on the top of the pumps.  The man came over and began to clean the pump that I was using.  The Lord inspired me, and I asked him how his mother was.  He looked at me a little surprised.  I asked him if his mother needed prayer.  He said that she had undergone back surgery.  I told him that his mother was a “God fearing woman”. He said yes.  I asked him if he ever went to church with his mother.  He said yes, at the “Temple Baptist Church”.  I introduced myself to him and we talked a few minutes.  I asked him if we could pray for his mother.  He said yes.  We joined in prayer for her, and I felt inspired to pray for him to begin to teach the Word of God!  It was a wonderful experience!  Hallelujah! 

The first meeting in Ohio was incredible!  Sarah and I led the worship.  We had a drummer and a bass player join us and it was awesome.  We did two songs and launched into a “prophetic flow”.  God began to reveal different things by the word of knowledge!  We had a great “move of the Spirit”.  Many people were healed of different ailments…backs, knees, a man who had a broken foot with a cast on his foot took the cast off!!  He was walking around healed!  There were people with teeth and gum problems that were healed.

God revealed some amazing things for people in the meeting!  As I was ministering, I had a vision of a white industrial tank with a built-in ladder for men to access it.  I told the vision to the people and a man raised his hand and said that he was a fireman and was called to an accident scene the day before at that “exact industrial tank”!  A man had fallen off the tank and was injured.  We prayed for the man to be healed in Jesus name!  The Lord ministered prophetically to a woman in the meeting concerning children that she had ministered to in the past.  They had since grown up and were not serving the Lord.  The Lord showed me that the enemy was tormenting her about this, and saying that it was her fault that they were not serving the Lord.  It was a wonderful sight as the Lord Jesus Christ set her free by showing her that it wasn’t her fault.  It was incredible!  I found out later that she used to be a youth leader, and that what the Lord showed me was “exactly correct!”  God is doing wonders in the earth today!  Many people were crying as God prophetically ministered to them!  People were healed and set free from the hand of the enemy!  Hallelujah!!! 

In our next meeting the Lord revealed many things for His people and healed and set them free.  A young lady just wept and tears streamed down her face as God spoke to her and revealed things concerning her life and calling.  It was just incredible!  Another lady received healing for a number of different conditions and ailments.  As I was ministering to a woman in the meeting, the Lord gave me a vision of her.  She was in her kitchen putting food in a basket to take to some other people.  I described her kitchen and what she was doing in it.  She was blessed and touched as the Lord rewarded her openly for her act of kindness which she did privately.  A couple that are in the real estate business received powerful and accurate prophetic ministry!  God exposed things that were going on against them and their business.  God exposed the person who was the cause of the problems too!  They acknowledged everything I said as being right on!  God showed me He was going to sell a “field” that the man had listed as a sign/token that He had spoken to them!  The man acknowledged that he indeed had that “field” listed!  God gave them powerful predictions concerning their business.  It was a wonderful night!  Thank you Jesus!!!

In our next meeting the Lord moved in an extremely powerful way!  A woman who was breathing with the help of an oxygen unit wanted to be healed!  God gave her some powerful prophetic ministry, and healed her.  She was breathing without the machine!  She said she was “breathing normal!”  Hallelujah!  God ministered prophetically to everyone in the meeting!  There was a man who really received a great deal of deliverance and assurance from the Lord.  The Lord showed me that there were some events in his past that he was being tormented over.  The Lord assured him that He had forgiven those events!  He was incredibly blessed and freed!  He left that meeting praising God and rejoicing!  Hallelujah!

Another man and his wife received incredible prophetic ministry from the Lord!  God revealed some things that had happened to the man in the past.  He received great deliverance!  The Lord showed me that this man was a pastor!  Then the Lord showed me an amazing vision!  I saw the most incredible “pasture/field”!  It was the most beautiful color of green that I have ever seen!  It was a “Heavenly green”.  The Lord Himself was placing sheep into the pasture/field!  This was a vision of this pastor’s ministry and church!  God was showing the pastor that He was going to bring the people in, and that He was going to build the church!  The man acknowledged that he was indeed a pastor and had just acquired a building for his church!  The pastor’s wife was also ministered to prophetically in a mighty way!

A young man received a word from the Lord concerning taking a job in Columbus, Ohio!  And that he would live among and minister to the “well-to-do” people of Columbus, Ohio.  He confirmed that this was an accurate word from the Lord.  He said that it had already begun to take place!  He had just been in the home of the Head football coach of the Ohio State University, and that he was looking for a house on the same street that the coach lived on!   It was awesome! The Lord revealed “political aspirations,” and a calling into politics for a young man in the meeting who is currently in law school!  The young man confirmed that he had those feelings and desires!  He and his dad were both ministered to in a mighty way!  God moved powerfully!  To God be all the glory!

This was an incredible ministry trip to Ohio! These are just some of the many wonderful things that the Lord did. It is so wonderful to see the Spirit of God moving upon His people in these meetings! 

Our God truly is an Awesome God!

Report on the New Jersey Trip, May, 2004

I was truly honored to be asked to partake in the dedication service for “Abba’s Lighthouse Ministries,” in Cape May, New Jersey.  I was asked to join area pastors in praying for and “turning the soil” for the ministry property.  The Lord gave me prophetic revelation for the property being dedicated and for Cape May itself.  I shared the revelations and prayed for the ministry.  An amazing thing occurred during the dedication of the land.  When we arrived the sky was very cloudy and gray.  After the dedication service and the prayers of the leaders, the sky was completely clear, not a cloud in the sky and a beautiful shade of blue!  I know that this was a prophetic sign from the Lord for the ministry, and Cape May itself.

One of the revelations that the Lord had shown me was a “cape” or covering over “the grace of God” in Cape May.  The Lord showed me that a “religious spirit” was operating in the area manipulating people into a “works” mentality, and away from the truth of the grace of God.  This spirit was working to keep the people of God in guilt, shame, condemnation, and “religious competition” with each other concerning their walk with the Lord.  During my time of sharing and praying I rebuked that “cape” and religious spirit in the name of Jesus, and I know that the Lord showed us that the “cape” had been removed!  Praise the mighty name of Jesus!  To God be all the glory!  The Lord revealed to me that there had been “un-righteous” things done to Native Americans on the property and in the area including Cape May.  This was confirmed to me by a local pastor.  During my time of prayer and sharing I repented for the “un-righteous” acts committed against the Native Americans.  There was a woman who was actively involved in the dedication service who is a Native American, and she “received” the forgiveness on behalf of her people!  It was glorious!

I know that the powers of darkness suffered a great defeat, and that the Lord Jesus Christ was glorified!  I know that great things are ahead for Cape May, New Jersey, and the Kingdom of God in that area!  In conjunction with “Abba’s Lighthouse Ministries,” the “Healing Rooms of Cape May County” were actively involved in the dedication service.  We prayed for many people for all types of healing.  The Lord really blessed us with many powerful prophetic revelations for people.  The Lord ministered mightily to His people through the gifts of the Holy Ghost.  The Lord blessed and healed many people at the dedication service!  To God be all the praise and glory!  It was so wonderful praying for the people right outside under that sunny blue sky!  It was truly a sign of what is to come for “Abba’s Lighthouse Ministries,” and Cape May, New Jersey!

That same evening I was privileged to minister at the “Living Hope Church,” also located in Cape May.  I ministered on “Releasing the Kingdom of God”; it was a great service!  The joy of the Lord hit the place and many were touched, blessed, healed, and refreshed!  The Lord revealed mighty prophetic revelations for individuals, and many were set free!  To God be all the glory!  It was a truly blessed day in Cape May, New Jersey!

My next ministry engagement was a three night “Tent Revival” in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.  The Host church was “New Harvest Christian Fellowship.”  We truly had three nights of exciting praise and worship, preaching of the Word of God, and an open proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ!  The tent was set up right at the side of a football field in an athletic complex.  Many people heard the Word of God as they were active in sports activities in the complex!  The Lord set many people free from bondages of their past.  Many embraced the vision that the Lord had for their lives.  I know that we all took a step into our future!  It was wonderful to see people coming into the tent and giving their hearts to the Lord!”  That is the greatest miracle of all!  Hallelujah!  The Lord did great and mighty things in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey!  I know that everyone who attended will never be the same again!  The Lord really blessed this ministry trip to the State of New Jersey!  It is so exciting to be alive in these days!  God is truly pouring out His Spirit in the Earth!

Report on the New Jersey Trip, March, 2004

Our ministry trip to New Jersey in March was a very fruitful one!  It began on the flight from Ft. Myers to Atlantic City.  The woman sitting next to me got “Born Again” on the plane!  It was wonderful!  We ministered in eight different meetings, one radio program, visited a new church, and flew home all in fourteen days.

The Lord really blessed His people; there were some tremendous healings and miracles!  A man who was scheduled for knee surgery was healed and canceled the surgery.  A man with a brace on his ankle was healed, took the brace off, and was jumping up and down totally free of pain.  A woman who had two bad knees was healed!

A Dr. who was on crutches when he came in, went out with his wife carrying his crutches.  A woman who was in pain and limping was healed, and has no more limp.  A woman who had suffered a stroke and was in a wheel chair came out of her wheel chair and walked.  To God be all the glory!!  There was a woman who had multiple physical ailments healed.  It is so wonderful to see the Lord Jesus healing His people!  Many people were touched, healed, and blessed.

The Lord baptized many in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.   It was mighty!  The Lord revealed many incredible things prophetically.  It was awesome to see so many people being delivered from the enemy!  God revealed people’s past, present, and futures.  It was incredible!   Many people’s gifts and callings were revealed.  The Lord blessed with great prophetic insight and foresight.  It was an amazing trip!  To God be all the glory!!

The Year In Review 2005

The year 2005 was a wonderful year!  The Lord blessed in many amazing ways!  We had incredible meetings in Florida, New Jersey, and the Caribbean!  It is so encouraging to look back over the year and see all the miraculous things that the Lord did in our lives.  It is always so incredible to watch the Lord move in the meetings.  We saw some wonderful healings and miracles take place in 2005!  We experienced the “Greatest Miracle” of people giving their lives to Christ last year!  What an incredible honor it is to see people “Born Again” into the Kingdom of God!  Hallelujah!  We experienced some truly amazing and deep prophetic revelation for people.  It is so awesome to see the transformation that takes place in people’s lives when the Lord reveals things about their life!  The power of prophetic ministry is such a valuable gift to the body of Christ!

The Lord really blessed this year in the Psalmist/Minstrel portion of my ministry.  God has been giving me more songs, and allowing me to lead worship in many of the meetings!  It is so powerful to experience the combination of Prophet/Seer and Psalmist/Minstrel.  I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in 2006!  Sarah and I want to personally thank every Pastor and Ministry Gift that allowed us the privilege to minister for them in 2005!  We want to especially thank Pastor Andrew and Kathleen Surace of Covenant Life Christian Fellowship in Seaville, New Jersey, for hosting our “Preparing for Harvest” meetings last October.  
We want to thank all of our guest ministers and ministries who joined us in the “Preparing for Harvest” meetings, and helped us to make it a great success!  We want to thank every person who attended one or more of our meetings in 2005!

We are truly anticipating amazing things from the Lord in 2006!  Please be sure to read the prophecy for 2006 on the “Prophetic Words” page of this web site!  I know that you will be blessed and encouraged!  If you have the opportunity to be in any of our meetings in 2006, we encourage you to come and partake of what the Lord is doing through our ministry!  Check the “Event Schedule” page on this web site to see if we will be in your area!  Please pray that the Lord will have His perfect will accomplished through us and with us this year!  Thank you for visiting our web site! 

Yours for The Kingdom,
Dr. John David and Sarah

Healed through the Word of God!

I am a 38 year old female. I just wanted to let you know, I have read all seven parts of the healing teachings. This has lifted me up and encouraged me so much. I have prayed the healing prayer and do believe God has healed me. I have been going back and forth to the doctors and specialist. I have taken so many tests and blood work. There was blood found in my urine, a lesion on my liver as well as something with my blood work. I am going Tuesday June 5th for another nuclear test. The doctors are trying to rule out cancer. Reading your healing teachings have inspired me and lifted me so. I now know it is God’s will to heal me! It’s not a choice for him, it’s his will to do so. I understand I have to be in agreement with him to receive my healing. I am and I have. When the doctors confirms my healing I will write back again and tell you so.  Sincerely, Sandra M. Dean

June 22, 2007:  Yesterday I returned to the doctor for test results. There were no cancer or polyps found in my colon. The tumor in my liver was determined to be a benign tumor that the doctors do not expect to turn into cancer, grow or cause me any problems.  I am 100% sure God has healed me. I expect when I return to the doctor office within six months for another scan, the tumor will be completely gone!

Praise God!  Thank you for your wonderful website! You taught me how to receive my healing from the Lord!  I found out through your website, “Everything is subject to the Word” and “The Word brings victory”!  God Bless You, Sandra M. Dean

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