Prophecy For 2007

Dr. John David Kirby, December 30th  2006

The Year 2007 Will Be A Year Of “Release”!

“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”  Amos 3:7

It is “The Lord’s year of release”. It is the “seventh year”! (Read and study Deuteronomy chapter 15.) Many blessings will be “released” from the Lord this year. God is going to release to His people the things that we have asked Him for in prayer. He is going to release finances into the hands of the faithful. He is going to release a fresh wave of healing and miracle anointing across the earth. The Lord is going to release people into their ministries this year, and many shall receive their “commission” from the Lord Himself. The ones who receive their commission will begin to walk in the fullness of their ministry and their giftings. The anointing is going to be incredible upon them. The anointing is going to be visible upon them. Many mighty signs, wonders, and miracles will accompany them, as well as the other ministry gifts.

The Lord is going to “call” people into ministry this year. Many that never thought they would be in the ministry are about to be visited by the Lord. Some will be visited by the Lord personally. Many will receive their call to ministry through His prophets. God is going to visit His people in dramatic ways this year!“I have seen the condition of My people, and I am coming to bring great change, says the Lord. I am going to visit My people in dramatic encounters and visitations. I have spoken to My prophets and revealed to them and through them that I was going to bring change. That change is here! That change is now! Prepare for the change that will occur in your life, says the Lord.”

“Many people are going to be “released” this year. Many who are bound in the prison of darkness will be delivered this year. Many who have never known Me will be drawn to Me this year, says the Lord. Many of My people who have been overcome by the wicked one will be released this year. My people will walk in the freedom that My Son Jesus Christ died for! My people will be shaken free! My people will be shaken loose from the tyranny of the wicked one! Just as you have seen the end of an evil regime, and its leader taken down and justice served, I will bring the powers of evil over My people down, says the Lord. I am going to anoint My Messengers with power from on high! My prophets will thunder My message with a force of power that will shake My people free! The force of their words will rock My Church to its foundation! The anointing of freedom is being released! Now is the time! Today is the day! Rise up My beloved and run free! says the Lord. ”

This year many people will receive “a new lease on life!”

A “Re- Lease” We will see the increase of both “Incurable,” and “Terminal” people healed by the power of the Lord.

(Read Luke chapter 13 verses 10 through 16)

This year many people who have been in so-called “terminal,” and “incurable” situations will be set free. This is the year to receive the “new – lease” and walk in the “release” of the Lord.“This year will be a year of great “rest” and “peace” for My people. This is a Sabbath year for My people says the Lord. This is a Sabbatical year. As I rested and reigned on the “seventh day”, it will be a year for My people to rest and to reign! I am pouring out a supernatural Divine Grace of peace and rest upon My people. This is a year to enjoy the “fruits” of your labors. There will be a “Divine Flow” upon My people this year. There will be no striving and struggling to accomplish My will in the earth. My Spirit will be upon My people in a very tangible and powerful way this year.

My people who walk with Me will “flow” with Me this year. Press into Me this year. Stay close to Me this year. Flow with Me this year and I will flow through you. The striving and the struggling is over, the flow is here! Flow with me in your life. Flow with Me in your ministry. Flow with Me and it will be effortless! It is the Sabbath year, It is the Sabbatical year! It is the year to flow in all the fruit and the blessings of the Lord! Says your God! This will be a year of great revelation. The revealing of destiny, purpose, calling, and vocation. I am pouring out a greater grace of revelation to my prophets this year. It is to help My people find their “true identity.”

It is time for My people to know who they are! It is time for My people to know their callings and giftings. It is time for My people to be activated and functioning in My Body, The Church, Says the Lord. It is time for My people to know their place and produce that which I have created them to produce for their sake, and for the sake of the rest of the Body. My people, you must understand your place and purpose as a “vital organ” in My Body, says the Lord.”

During the year 2007, the Lord is going to be “sealing” His bond servants. (Read and study Revelation chapter 7!)

God has shown me that the numbers 2007 have a very significant meaning. It is not coincidental that a new “007” James Bond movie has just been released. Many times things are revealed first in the natural and then in the supernatural.

1 Cor 15:46 “ Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural ; and afterward that which is spiritual.” KJV. God is sealing His “Bond Servants” this year. He is sealing His “Bond Men” and “Bond Women.” In Deuteronomy chapter 15 and verse 17, God shows us the “sealing” of the “bond servant” forever, with the piercing of the ear.

The Lord has revealed to me that the name “James” is from the Old Testament name “Jacob!” As Jacob “wrestled” with God, God marked him, or “sealed” him forever!

(Read and study Genesis chapter 32 verses 24 through 32.) Jacob’s “limp” was a seal from the Lord, and a sign to others that He was God’s bond servant forever! This year God is sealing His “Bond Servants” forever!

A “Bond Servant” is a very special individual to God! The Greek word for “bond servant” is Doulos. (doo’ loos) Thayer’s Greek Lexicon says that a bondman (doulos) is one who gives himself up wholly to another’s will. Those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing His cause among men: used of the apostles. One who is devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests. A servant, an attendant of a king.

(Read and study the following verses in the book of Revelation: chapter 7 and verse 3, 3:12, 13:16, 14:1, 20:4, and 22:4. See also Ezekiel chapter 9 and verse 4.)

I believe “the book of James” has significant relevance to the church in the year 2007. (Spend time reading and studying the book of James) It is also interesting that James chapter one and verse one is addressed to the 12 tribes of Israel. We also find the “sealing“ of the Tribes in Revelation chapter 7! “Like” the “James Bond” character, God is raising up and releasing many of His “Special Agents” to go forth into the world to destroy the plans and the works of the devil. (See First John chapter 3 and verse 8.) God is sending them into the enemy’s camp to release prisoners, and to take back powerful weapons that have been stolen from the Church. These are some of the ones predicted by the Lord in Daniel chapter 11 and verse 32! “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” KJV

The year 2007 will also “likened” to the seventh chapter of Genesis. It is the chapter of Noah’s flood. (Please read and study Genesis chapter 7.) I believe that the Lord is truly calling people to come into the ARK of safety, which is the Lord Jesus Himself! I believe just as the flood came and prevailed over the earth for a time, we will see the “flood” of darkness continue to rise and cover the earth. But just as Noah and his family were safe inside the ARK, those who heed the call will be safe from the things that are coming on the earth. There will be darkness and gross darkness on the earth. (see Isaiah chapter 60 verse 2) As natural and supernatural calamities continue to wreak havoc with the planet, the people of God who have entered the ARK of safety will be secure. The day will come when the flood of evil will be over and the righteous shall stand in the eternal bliss of God!

Please note how many times in Genesis chapter seven the word “seven” is used! This too is very significant!

It is important to also understand the number 2 in 2007 as well. The number 2 is the number of “competent testimony”. This testimony or witness will be accomplished through the Church in 2007 like never before! The people of the world will see the favor and the blessing of the Lord upon us! This will be a witness to the nations that the Lord is God, and that He does have a righteous and holy people in the earth!

This “testimony/witness” speaks of the “testimony of Jesus!” Revelation chapter 19 and verse 10 states: “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” KJV

God is truly about to pour His Spirit out in unprecedented ways! (See Acts 2:16-21)

The prophets will prophecy and what they say shall come to pass! The people shall prophecy and the Lord will confirm His Word with signs following! Genesis chapter 2 and verses 2 and 3 say: “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.” KJV

The year 2007 will be a year when many come to the Lord and begin to “live”! It will be a year when new life is “breathed” into “dry bones”. (See Ezekiel chapter 37)

God is going to blow the refreshing and reviving wind of His Spirit upon the Church in 2007! Many of God’s people will be “quickened” (made alive!) again to their eternal purpose in God!

Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 says: “ And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” KJV

Just as we see from this verse- 2:7- we have once again the numbers involved in the year 2007 and we see the revelation of what the Lord is about to do! This is truly going to be a year to remember! Many incredible things are going to come to pass this year! It will be a year of great blessings and celebration for the people of God! It is time to rejoice in the fruit and walk in the blessing of the Lord!

It shall be a year when we will say, “…on earth as it is in heaven!” in 2007!

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