Prophecy For 2010

Dr. John David Kirby, December 31st 2009

The Year 2010 Will Be “The Year Of The Miraculous”.

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

The Lord has shown me that we are going to see a major increase of mighty miracles in the earth. We are going to see the miracles of “2 Kings” manifesting in our lives. The miracles and ministry of Elijah and Elisha will be seen in the earth. We are going to see miraculous provision, protection, deliverance, signs and wonders, multiplication, recovery, resurrection, and restoration. Please read and study the book of 2 Kings. This book is vital and pertinent to the year 2010 and beyond. The Lord has revealed to me that “prophetically speaking” the two kings are Elijah and Elisha. The “royal anointing” of God is being poured out on us to begin to “reign” as the kings that we are. This will be evident this year. (See Rev. 1:6, Rev. 5:10, 1 Pe. 2:9) The spirit of Elijah will be seen in 2010. This year we will see the “double portion” of “the spirit of Elijah” that Elisha manifested in demonstration. This is the day, the time, and the season we are entering into. (See Eccl. 3:1) It is the time for the “Pure Power” of God to deal with the evil power of darkness. We will see “spiritual conflicts” and “kingdom clashes” manifesting this year.

Now is the time for the revealing of the miraculous in ways that have not been seen since the days of Elijah and Elisha, says the Lord. Now is the time for the demonstration of My miraculous power to be seen as it has never been seen on earth. I am going to show Myself strong in the earth, says the Lord. Many believe that I do not exist, and if I do, then I do not care. I am going to show the people of the world that I do exist, and that I do care. Both the believer and the un-believer will experience My supernatural power this year and in the years to come. I am going to move in dramatic and amazing ways. I am going to show the people of the world that I AM who I say I AM! Many will experience life saving miracles this year, many will receive miraculous deliverance this year. I am going to release My angels to stop “certain death” from occurring. People will stand amazed as they walk away from accidents and incidents where they “should have” been killed. They will not be able to say “that was lucky”, or “I was fortunate”, they will have to say, “That was GOD!” Many will wake up from comas and live, many will experience miraculous healing from terminal diseases and live. They will experience Me, and acknowledge Me as the One who saved them from “certain death”. Many atheists will come to me in 2010 says the Lord.

When dealing with numbers, “10” is complete ability, perfect balance, and Divine order. It is also 2 x 5. 5 is the number of “grace”, so this reveals to us a “double grace” 2 x (times), or a “double portion” of grace. Grace is “the Divine enablement of God.” It is the “Divine ability of God” imparted to man to do the “works of God” in the earth. We are going to see “the double portion of Divine enablement” in manifestation, and the saints of God are going to walk in this – this year!

We are entering into a new “cycle” of time. 2010 signifies the end of a ten year cycle and the beginning of a new ten year cycle. This is the beginning of “a Decade to remember.” This new cycle of years is so significant, that God has chosen to begin it with a New Year’s Eve “Blue Moon”. (A “Blue Moon is when there are two “full moons” in a month, this occurs every 2 and ½ years. A New Year’s Eve “Blue Moon” only occurs once every 19 years. 1990 was the last one, and 2028 will be the next one) This is truly a “sign” in the heavens showing us the significance of what is yet to come. See Ge. 1:14 and Psalm 104:19.

As the moon reflects the sun, and shines to light the night, I am going to shine on My people this year, says the Lord. My Light will shine on and through My people this year like never before. The Light of My Glory will reflect off of My people and heal people, nations, cities, and states. My Glory heals everything that it touches. There will be an “emanating” of My Glory flowing from My Holy Ones this year. The ones who dwell with me in the Light will shine very bright. They will carry My presence and power to the four corners of the earth, says the Lord. This is the beginning of a time on earth unprecedented in the history of humanity. You will see, and you will stand amazed. This is not the work of man, this is the work of God, saith the Lord.

The Lord has shown me that the yearly cycle is divided into four “cycles” of three months per cycle. January, February, and March make up the first cycle. April, May, and June make up the second. July, August, and September make up the third, and October, November, and December make up the fourth. So there are four “cycles” of three months, making twelve months, or one full year/cycle. 4×3=12. 12 is God’s Governmental perfection, and fullness. The manifesting of the miraculous will increase in each of the “four cycles” throughout the year, gaining in power, demonstration, and volume. We will see greater and greater things as the year progresses.

This is the beginning of a season of time on planet earth that has never been before. This is what I have been training and preparing My people for, says the Lord. This is the time for My people to “come alive” in My Power and Presence like never before. Many of my people have fallen asleep, many have been lulled to sleep, many of My people have dismissed My power and miracles to “days gone by”. Many of My people have relegated My miracles to nothing more than museum relics. I am going to change that this year, says the Lord. Many of My people will experience My supernatural intervention who have never experienced it before. Many of My people who have been taught that I did away with the supernatural aspects in the Bible, will see and experience them for themselves. Many of My people who have taught that I quit doing the miraculous will see and experience the supernatural, and will have to re-cant what they have taught. I will change their hearts and minds. They will not be able to refute or explain away My supernatural, miraculous intervention any more. They will see and believe that I AM the supernatural God that I say that I am in My Word, saith the Lord.

The year 2010 is going to be an incredible year for the people of God. It is the year we stand up and begin to proclaim “Our God reigns in all the earth”. It is time for the church to arise to the stature she has been called to. It is time for the saints of God to once again raise the banner of righteousness and declare that Jesus Christ is love and the only way to Heaven.

It is time to show the world the true Christ and trample under foot the spirit of anti-christ. Now is the time, today is the day, it is the beginning of our finest hour as the people of God. Get ready to display the miraculous power of God to the world. This is the day we have waited for, this is the time we have prayed for, let us rise up and seize the day!

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