Prophetic Word for 2022

Dr. John David Kirby (10/27/2021)

“The Year 2022 Is The Year Of Preparation”

It is time to prepare and be prepared for the years to come. We are entering a “seven-year cycle”…3 years (2022-2024) will be “challenging” years and 4 years (2025-2028) will be “rebuilding” years.

Beware of going in to “large” debt in 2022, 2023, and 2024. It is time to do all that we can to get “debt free” in these next “3” years.

Be careful not to have all of your money in the bank. Have cash, gold, and silver “on hand”. Be very cautious concerning the banks and the financial system. Be very cautious about the stock market.

Do not be “lulled” to sleep by deception, the media, and “false” financial security. The market might “look” good today… but… Pray for Wisdom, discernment, and direction, before making ANY DECISIONS.

It is wisdom to begin to add extra items to our shopping lists. Where we used to buy one item, it will be wise to buy two or three…depending on your lifestyle and family. One reason is the scarcity of items, (buy it when you see it) and number two is the price, (it might be a lot higher on your next visit).

Inflation is here and is rising…the value of the US dollar is dropping…taxes are rising and will continue to rise…gas prices are rising…there are product shortages, etc., We must prepare now. Watch the prime interest rate…it will rise.

Do not panic… ask God for wisdom and direction. Like the children of Israel in Goshen…God will take care of His people. But, we must act in wisdom, we must prepare, we must “do our part”. God has a part and we have a part. This is the Divine partnership. We are not working “for God”…we are working “with God”.

We cannot just sit back and do nothing… we cannot sit back and say… “God will take care of me”… We must do our part and act in wisdom. These are truly “dangerous times”.

In 2022 many “snakes” are going to be exposed. Many of these snakes will be in the political realm. Like a bright light shining into a basket of slimy snakes, these snakes will be exposed and begin to “strike out” at their exposers. These snakes do not want to lose their wealth or power. It will be a big and dirty fight as justice prevails.

We will see many “Falling Stars” this year…many rich and famous people will be exposed for their evil deeds. Many political “stars” will fall. Many political “stars” will “burn out” and “vanish forever”.

We have just begun to see the beginning of this now as we approach the end of 2021. God gave Jezebel “time to repent” but she didn’t…the Church is in the middle of a “crisis” at this point.
Two major factors are at play:
Number 1 ~ The Church is in the midst of the great “scattering”…covid has “scattered” the sheep. Many people have left their local churches and are not coming back. Many “shepherds” have been “smitten” and the sheep have been scattered.

Number 2 ~ The Church is in the midst of “the great divide”. The people of God are totally divided against each other ~ “masks” vs. “no masks” and “vaccine vs. no vaccine”. The people of God must come together. The Church must come back into fellowship. We must see the evil tactics of division and stand against it. We must stop the scattering and the division by coming back together.

God has a plan for the USA ~ God has a plan for the nations for the world. As Believers we must continue to “shine” the Light of Christ to this dark world. We must walk in genuine humility and the reverential fear of the Lord.Here is the “Divine Strategy” for “prospering” in perilous/dangerous times (James 4:6-10):
Number 1) We must “humble ourselves” before the Lord.
Number 2) We must “submit ourselves” to God.
Number 3) “Resist the devil” (fear, anxiety, worry, sickness, and all evil) and he will flee from you.
Number 4) “Draw near to God”…and He will draw near to you.
Number 5) “Walk in forgiveness” with God and others. Ask for forgiveness and forgive others.

Be careful who you are listening to in these days…keep feeding your faith on the word of God. Do not let yourself be swept away in all the madness and mayhem of these days.

I want to encourage you to not stop “giving” and “tithing”…God’s financial system is not moved or shaken by the “world’s” financial system. God’s word never fails. As we remain obedient in our giving we will see the miraculous hand of God providing for us.

People change, leaders change, nations change, financial markets rise and fall, but God never changes and He never fails. When things look challenging there is a tendency to withhold giving…beware of this. do not fear, stay faithful and watch the hand of God bring miraculous provision into your hands. I believe that we are called to “prosper” in perilous times.

God’s word is true and the Biblical evidence is sure. It is more important than ever to hear the Voice of the Lord and be obedient to His calling. There is nothing more important than fulfilling the will of God for our lives. Remember: He will reward each of us according to what we have done. Are we fulfilling His will for our lives?

Remember: We have been sent here for a reason…His perfect will and purpose. If we do not fulfill His will for our lives…we have failed in life. We must keep this truth before us in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Be encouraged…we will see the mighty power of God manifesting in us and through us as we go forward!

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