Prophetic Word for 2023

Dr. John David Kirby (12/29/2022)

2023 Will Be A “Break-Out” Year For The People Of God.

We Are Coming To The End Of A “3 Year Cycle” Of Trial. God Has Quickened To Me Isaiah Chapter 54 For 2023. I Want To Encourage You To Read And Study This Chapter Very Carefully. Pray And Ask The Lord How This Chapter Applies To You And Your Life In The New Year.

There Are 17 Amazing Verses In This Chapter. I Am Convinced That We Are Going To See These Blessings Played Out In Our Lives In 2023 And Beyond. This Year We Will See Amazing Restoration And Recovery.

During The Last 3 Years Many People Have become Discouraged. Many People Have Walked Away From Ministry, Church, And Even The Lord Himself. Many People Have Become “Barren” Or Unfruitful. This New Year Will Be A Year Of “Birthing” And “Bearing Of Great Fruit”

2023 Will Be A Year Of Increase, Expansion, And Growth. God Is Calling Us To Step Out In Faith And Not To “Hold Back”. It Is Time To Go Forward. It Is Time To Enlarge, Stretch, Lengthen, And Strengthen. It Is Time To Spread Out Like Never Before. We Are Going To See Tremendous Impact For The Kingdom Of God In The Nations Of The World.

God Is Telling Us To Put Fear Behind Us And Step Out In Faith. God Is With Us And Together We Will Not Fail. It Is Time To Put Away Any Guilt Or Shame Of The Past. Yesterday Is Gone…A New Day Has Come. In This New Year We Will See Many People Return To The Lord. Many Will Return To Their Divine Purpose And Calling.

God’s Compassion Is Amazing And He Will Lift Up Those Who Have Been Cast Down. Even In The Midst Of Great Turmoil In The Nations We Will See The Glory Of God. Though The Mountains Be Shaken And The Hills Be Removed…We Will See The Salvation And The Provision Of The Lord.

God Will Never Go Back On His Word. Many Have Been Afflicted, Lashed By Storms, And The Trials Of Life. We Will Arise Triumphant In Christ. We Will See Restoration And Renewal In Our Lives. God’s People Who Have Been Faithful To His Word Will Walk In A Realm Of Prosperity Like Never Before. No Matter What The Economies Of The World Do…God’s Faithful People Will Prosper. He Will Rebuild Us With Colorful Gems, Sapphires, Rubies, Crystal, And Precious Stones. (Isaiah 54:11)

We Are Going To Walk In A Great Sense Of Peace And The Revelation Of Righteousness In This New Year. We Will Not Be Oppressed By The Bad News Of The Media Or Fear Of Virus. We Will Not Be Terrified Or Live In Terror. We Will See Our Enemies Defeated Before Our Very Eyes. Lies, Slander, And Accusations Set Up Against Us Will Be Fully Exposed For The Lies That They Are, And We Will Be Recompensed In 2023.No Demonic Assignments Will Prosper Against Us.

It Is Time To Rise Up.
It Is Time To Come Out Of Our Hiding Places.
It It Time To Receive Our New Assignments From The Lord.
It Is Time To Go Forth In Boldness And Confidence.
God Is In Us And With Us. Whom Shall We Fear?
Now Is The Time.
A New Day Has Dawned.

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